Valuation of Rehabilitation Businesses: How Much is My Business Worth?

With the merger & acquisition activity in the rehabilitation industry continuing to heat up, the first step when considering some sort of exit strategy is a proper valuation of your rehabilitation practice. Business valuations are much more of an art than a science. Make sure that whomever values your business has experience in healthcare, more specifically, within the rehabilitation industry market. It would be to your advantage to work with someone who not only has valuation … [Read more...]

Rehab Mergers & Acquisitions: Is it Becoming a Seller’s Market?

I just got off the phone with yet another buyer who is interested in rehabilitation business acquisitions-- this time in the south region. Acquisition strategy calls like this are coming to us on a weekly basis. Yet, when you talk to most business owners, the sentiment in most industries is that this is not a good time to sell your business due to poor economic conditions. They think that the real estate crisis, stock market drop and other factors are contributing to poor purchase multiples, … [Read more...]

Moving Your Rehabilitation Business From Good to Great—Part V: Marrying Operations and Financial Results

The operations of your rehabilitation business drives your financial results. That’s why we’ve spent so much time in the previous segments talking about how to set and measure your operations budget against your financial results. Now we are ready to talk about how to marry your operations information with your financial information. Your operations information drives the topline of your financial report, which is your revenue. Your revenue comes from your results. This is an important … [Read more...]